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Do you think father, that any sensible man can reasonably
be proud over his getting some illiterate men,
women, and children to accept his own ideals and justifiably
claim the least merit or value to his thought?”
“While the entry into a faith like Islam is effected only
after a detailed study and enquiry by the learned ones
with perfect conviction, we Christians pride over our
success in swelling up our ranks by mass conversions of
illiterate laborers, who by circumstances are forced to accept
the Christian doctrine without knowing what they
are doing is right or wrong? An ignorant mind is like a
blank sheet, one can draw upon it whatever one’s fancy
chooses and once the inscription is made to be settled
upon such raw material, any artist can pride over the
palette having any particular design of his own. If today
to win the sympathy of the ignorant masses we boast before
our illiterate converts of our humanity and self sacrifices
in the cause of the spread of our faith will the outer
world also forget the Edict of Milan, father, and will all
the records of history of the brutal outrages that Christendom
committed against the poor helpless Jews, in its
own passionate eagerness and anxiety to swell its ranks
totally vanish?”
I continued: “If you kindly permit me father, I would
like to know from you if the Bible in your hands is to be
merely read, memorized and preached to the others… or
is it to be acted upon in our daily life? If it is to be acted
upon will you kindly show me, father, if the Christian
world could ever practice the principle of turning the
other cheek also if one is already smitten? Could any sincere
Christian till now, give away his shirt when his coat
was taken away? Will you, father, surrender our whole
house if anybody invades our residence and takes possession
of any of the rooms in these premises? If the
Christian powers of the world really believe in this doctrine
of self surrender, why do they maintain their military
and police forces?”
“Kindly tell me, father if there is any earthly use of
merely believing in any golden ideals which can only
adorn the pages of some book and which can only be
preached but never practiced. Why should we not reasonably
accept the doctrine of self‐defense taught by Islam,
and the principle of pardoning our offenders if they
are repentant, and amending their conduct?”
“For goodness sake let me know father, how can three
different ones at the same time be an absolute one, both
numerically and also in the essential nature of perfect
“On what reasonable grounds can the one who is forsaken
by God, be god himself and if Jesus is to be believed
as the son of god, what claim to the relationship
with his father can a forsaken son have?”
“What right had Christendom to claim any truth in it
when its spread was caused by inhuman atrocities committed
by the Christian forces against the poor helpless
Jews. The conduct of the brutal outrages committed in
the holy name of the Christ, has been fully reported even
by the Christian authorities on the Edict of Milan and by
the world renowned Christian scholar Gibbon in his fawww.
mous work: ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.’“
“The Doctrine of atonement through the blood of
Christ, will naturally attract those sinners who have
sinned and who do not want to give up sinning under
the protection of the doctrine that the price of their sins
has already been paid away and, however much worse
sinners they themselves choose to be, they will not in the
least be chastised for their heinous crimes, for, Jesus having
paid away for the sins of man, God has forfeited His
claim to punish the sinners thereafter.”
“There are many such things, father which need a dispassionate
study and an impartial judgment.”
“I tell you father, that whatever be the consequences
and whatever misfortune may afflict me, I, for one, have
decided not to sell away or forfeit my conscience and
common sense to believe in such unreasonable dogmatic
doctrines. I have embraced Islam, and if you do not get
angry with me, kindly allow me to explain to you the details
of my enquiries; I will do it whenever I am requested
to do so. I do not like any thought or belief of
mine to be swallowed by any one by force, for the religion
of Islam, which I now openly declare to have embraced,
enjoins that there shall not be any compulsion in
the matter of faith, as the truth has been revealed against
To my utter surprise, I found my father fully attentive
to my exposing my personal views and convictions and
at the end, he said:
“Son, do not think that your father is a fool. I have
been occasionally confronted with such ideas during
my life whenever I had the occasion of discussing religion
with my Muslim friends. For God’s sake keep this
matter strictly confined to you. Otherwise be sure we
will be thrown out into the street as destitute.”
A few days later, my father decided to declare himself a
Muslim, too.
I now, for the information and guidance of every seeker
of the truth, openly declare the actual findings of my sincere
enquiry that Islam is not only the last Mighty Religion,
but it is also the perfect faith which contains all the
good. One of the most distinguishing and striking characteristics
of Islam is that it requires of its followers to
believe that all the religions of the world that preceded it
were revealed by God for the respective people of those
ages. It is one of the fundamentals of this faith that its followers
must believe in all the prophets who were sent
into the world before the Prophet Muhammad as truthful
and sinless.
Muhammad is the name of the Prophet through whom
this all comprehensive faith was revealed in its complete
and perfect form for humanity at large for all times. It is
the West that named his faith ‘Mohammedanism’ to cowww.
incide with the fashion of Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism,
Zoroastrianism, and Hinduism. On the other
hand, the name of this religion is already given in its
Book, the Holy Quran, as ‘Islam’, and the Prophet of Islam
is called a Muslim as any other believer. As the various
prophets preached this same Truth among different
nations at different times in different languages, every
Prophet of God is spoken of in the Holy Quran as a Muslim.
Thus I have found, beyond all doubts that Islam is
the religion which humanity needs for its progress in all
spheres of its material as well as spiritual life to earn salvation
in the end.
A Brief introduction of Islam for New Muslims
Islam is to submit completely to Allah by believing in
His Oneness; by worshipping Him, and forsaking all
types of Shirk (polytheism).
Islam is the only Deen accepted by Allah. It is the Final
Deen, which has abrogated all previous religions. Allah
does not accept from His slaves other than it. Allah says:
‘Indeed the only accepted Deen is Islam.’
He also says, ‘and whoever seeks other than Islam, it would
not be accepted from him, and he would be amongst the losers
in the Hereafter.’
How to enter the folds of Islam: The Two Testimonies of
(La ilahah Illa Allah wa anna Muhammad Rasool Allah)
To enter Islam, you must know the meaning of these two
testimonies; pronounce them out of pure conviction,
without the slightest doubt.
Translation of the Shahadah :
Ash’hadu: I certainly know and believe without the
slightest doubt…
An la ilahah: that there is no god worthy of being worshipped
in the universe...
Ilal’laah: This is an affirming sentence; i.e. that all acts of
worship belong to Allah alone...
An’na Muhammadan: Muhammad, son of Abdullah, son
of Abdul‐Muttalib certainly...
Rasool Allah: was sent by Allah to mankind at large; to
both men and jinn.
Its General Meaning: (La ilahah Illa Allah Muhammad
Rasool Allah) There is no god worthy of being worshipped
except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger
of Allah (We obey his commands; refrain from whatever he has
forbidden. We believe all that he has informed us with, and that
Allah is not to be worshipped except in the manner which he
has taught us.)
The Divine Scripture of Islam: It is the Quran, which is
the words of Allah; it was revealed to Muhammad, may
Allah exalt his mention, through Angel Jibreel, may Allah
exalt his mention.
It is incumbent upon the Muslim to memorize from it a
portion enough for him to complete his prayers.
Indeed, all previous scriptures were distorted by their
people; but the Quran remains in its pure form as it was
revealed to Muhammad, may Allah exalt his mention.
Allah has promised to preserve it till the Day of Resurrection.
Allah says: ‘Indeed We have revealed the Dhikr, and We
will preserve it.’ For this reason, no one can distort it.
After knowing the meaning of the Two Testimonies of
Faith, pronouncing them and accepting them wholeheartedly
(without being pressurized into accepting it or
promised worldly things upon pronouncing it) he would
become a Muslim, upon whom certain obligations would
become due, and others would be waived. If he dies after
pronouncing it, he would enter Jannah, even if he did not
do a good deed.
The Five Pillars of Islam: (These pillars are to be physically
executed, whether the action is attestation in the
heart, profession by the tongue or a physical action)
The First Pillar: The Two Testimonies of Faith.
There is no god worthy of being worshipped except Allah,
and Muhammad, son of Abdullah, was a Prophet
and Messenger, who was sent by Allah to both men and
jinn, to guide them to worship Allah alone, without associating
any partners to Him.
The Second Pillar: The Salah (Prayer).
They are five prayers in total during the day and night.
The reward the Muslim would attain from performing
them would be equal to the reward of fifty prayers…if
performed with its necessary conditions, pillars and
compulsory acts. Some of its conditions are that the person
who wants to pray be a sane Muslim, who has
reached the age of distinction, having made Taharah (ablution)
and intention (to pray a certain prayer), and to
face the Qiblah while praying.
The Third Pillar: Zakat (Poor‐Due).
It is due on every Muslim whose wealth has reached the
Nisaab (amount of wealth which renders it incumbent
upon its owner to pay Zakat) and has been held in possession
for 12 lunar months, to give 2.5% from it to the
poor and needy from among his relatives whom he legally
does not have to support, and to other poor and
needy Muslims, as well.
The Fourth Pillar: Fasting.
The person should intend to fast from the night. He
should abstain from food and drink and sexual intercourse
from Fajr till the sunset. The Month of Fasting is
called Ramadhan. It is compulsory on every sane, adult
The Fifth Pillar: Hajj (Pilgrimage)
It is the visitation to Makkah and other sacred sites with
the intention to perform Umrah and Hajj. It is a duty on
every adult, sane Muslim who can afford performing it,
once in a lifetime. Women who have no Mahram (guardian)
do not have to perform Hajj.
Whoever rejects one of these pillars out of disbelief or due to
laziness would become a Kaafir (disbeliever) and would exit the
folds of Islam.
The Six Pillars of Faith:
1. Belief in Allah: That is to believe that He is the Creator,
the Provider, the One Who causes death and life, and
the One in Whose Hands are all affairs. He is the First before
Whom there is none, and He is the Last after Whom
there is none, He is the Supreme above Whom there is
none, and He is the Most‐Knowledgeable from Whom
nothing is hidden. We believe in all His beautiful names
and attributes without distorting or suspending them,
striking parallels between them or comparing them. Allah
says, ‘There is nothing that resembles Him, and He is the
All‐Seeing All‐Hearing’
2. Belief in the Angels: They are honorable slaves, who
obey Allah. Among them are Jibreel, Mee’ka’il, Israfeel,
Ridhwaan, Maalik, and the angels who record the good
and bad deeds of men.
3. Belief in the Divine Scriptures which Allah revealed
to his Prophets and Messengers. The Last Scripture is the
Quran. It has abrogated all previous scriptures, thus it is
not permissible to put into practice any scripture besides
the Quran.
4. Belief in the Messengers: Allah sent them to mankind
to guide them to worship Him alone, and not associate
partners with Him. We believe that Allah sent them.
Among them are the ‘Ulul Azm’ (Prophets who exerted
great efforts) who are, Nooh, Ibraheem, Musa, Eesa, and
finally Muhammad, may Allah exalt his mention, and
render him safe from every derogatory thing, who is the
last and best of them.
5. Belief in the Last Day: It is the Day of Resurrection,
the Day of Requital; the Day believers would enter Jannah
and disbelievers sent to Hell‐Fire; as for the sinners
(who died without repenting), they would be subject to
the will of Allah. He would either punish them or forgive
6. Belief in the Qadr’ (Preordainment) both in its evil
and good consequences. Know that whatever is ordained
would come to pass; whatever you will be afflicted with
will take place. Everything which takes place in this universe
is already recorded in the Preserved Tablet (al‐Lauh
Last Thought
I hope that you read this book with an open heart and
mind…and I pray to God that you see the light of truth.

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