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It convinced me that Islam, alone, is an all comprehensive
faith which recognizes all other religions and which
contains in it a perfectly harmonious integration of all the
good, found partly in the other religious orders of the
world. The sacred book of Islam i.e. the Holy Quran is
the final exposition of the Divine Truth. The limitation of
the human mind of the different ages, did not allow even
Prophet like Jesus to speak out the whole truth. Jesus had
to depart with many things yet to be told to his people.
(John 16:14). Jesus had to tell his people to wait until the
advent of the spirit of truth to disclose the whole of the
truth. (John 16:13)
I was further impressed by the universal aspect of the
religion of Islam. Every answer from the lecturer was
with an unchallengeable authority and with an unbreakable
argument. I was awakened to differentiate between
genuine truth and the fabrications of falsehood and to
know many new factors to which I was blind all those
years. But I did not know how to reconcile the dawn of
true knowledge of truth with my original blind dogmatic
belief and my belonging to the Christian faith any longer.
I wanted to find out some failure on the part of the lecturer
to answer satisfactorily some question or the other,
so that I may have some excuse, be that even a false one,
to maintain my position in the Christian faith.
The lecturer continued after some time with the question:
“Shall I ask you something if you do not mind answering
it for my information?” I said: “Yes.” He asked:
“Do you think Jesus to be a son of God or God himself?”
I said: “Jesus is God himself in the form of His son.”
He said: “Can you ever conceive anyone to be the immortal
god and at the same time be a mortal (man) to be
caught in the hands of other mortals to suffer death? Can
anything be high and at the same time low, black, and at
the same time white? Can there be darkness and the
same time light? What philosophy is this?”
The lecturer continued saying: “Do you ever consider
that there is one other question confronting the doctrine
of the Trinity which needs to be answered by every Trinitarian
that if any three different beings which are three
different entities, are also at the same time One, with absolute
unity in all the perfect sense or meaning of Oneness,
what is the common control which makes them remain
three and also be one at one and the same time? If
there be any factor of such a wonderful and inconceivable
phenomena causing this amazing effect, then that
supreme causative power, which controls the number
and the unity, will alone be the Omnipotent God and not
any one of the three which are only the controlled components.
Besides there arises another problematic question
which a believer in the Trinity will have to answer
i.e. as to who is it that controls or determines the splitting
of one into three different others, to be neither more nor
less in number? There must be some cause for this controlled
effect and that the causative factor acting supreme
over three will be the Omnipotent God and not any of the
three which will only be the effect of the Supreme controlling
Similarly, it will raise the question, what is the causative
power which effects the three to be only one when
joining together rather than divided into many groups of
beings and, if there be any such cause, that supreme controlling
cause will be the omnipotent god, not any of the
three who will only be the subservient ones. Under any
circumstances no sensible man can ever reasonably believe
in any effect whatsoever without some causative
factor effecting it.
However, the Holy Trinity is only a problematic doctrine
created by the Christian Church which no logical
reasoning can ever prove true.
I had to helplessly agree to the views of the lecturer for
I could not now reasonably believe in the existence of
anything being itself and at the same time being its own
“I would like you Mr. Thomas,” said the lecturer “to
ponder a little over How the belief of Jesus being God
Himself or the son of God, coincides with the fact that he
was so terrified at the impending crucifixion that he
shouted: “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachtani?” (Meaning: My
God, My God, has thou forsaken me?) (Ma􀄴hew 27:46)
“What philosophy is that? If Jesus was God Himself,
does it mean that God was forsaken by God Himself and
can that be God who felt hopeless and shouted to be rescued?”
“Your Bible itself Mr. Thomas, reported that the son of
God was forsaken by his father (god) in which case the
forsaken son automatically and quite naturally forfeits
his personal merits as a son and his relationship of being
a son to his father. What do you say? Of what profitable
use can the attachment to a forsaken son be? Mr. Thomas,
please tell me!”
I was dumbstruck – and I did not know what to say
and what to do with the faith I already possessed as a
staunch Christian.
“Besides,” the lecturer continued: “Do you think Jesus
to be God himself when he falls down crying, praying to
someone else to remove the cup of death by crucifixion?”
I asked: “Alright, sir, how do you reconcile the violence
used by the Prophet of Islam to his being an Apostle of
Immediately came the reply from the lecturer: “Please,
Mr. Thomas, quote a single instance from the whole life
story of the Holy Prophet Muhammad to show that he
has ever committed any unprovoked aggression or any
single instance of his taking the least initiative in attacking
any single soul. Each expedition of a battle he led or
he allowed was only in self‐defense! The Bible does not
preach self‐defense. The Bible preaches self‐surrender to
the extent of handing over everything in one’s possession
when anything which was in one’s hand had been taken
away by any aggressor. Does any Christian follow this?”
“Apart from the political history of the Christian nations
of Europe, do you not remember the inhuman
methods employed by Christendom to spread its faith?”
I was ashamed to hear what has been reported and I
have to listen quietly to the records of the disgraceful
conduct of the Christians. I at last ventured to ask one
more question. “There is the doctrine of atonement of expiation
of sins of men through the blood of Jesus. Jesus
having paid the price of the sins of man, i.e. he who believes
in Jesus is cleansed and saved… have you any such
accommodation in Islam?
The lecturer smiled and replied: “My friend, the greatest
of God’s gifts to man is common sense. If man forfeits
it of his own accord, then no one can help him. First let
me know if the doctrine appeals to reason and common
sense. A, for example, a Christian by faith, i.e. a believer
in Jesus Christ as his savior, plunders the house of B and
the members of B’s family. Does sense and logic agree to
‘A’ being let off unpunished by the law, particularly to
the Law of the All‐Just Lord of the Universe, simply because
‘A’ accepts Jesus as his savior?”
I had to say “No” because, to say otherwise would
mean I forfeit my common sense and go against reasoning!
He continued: “There is one very grave aspect of the
doctrine of atonement through the blood of Jesus, i.e.
when we pay for a thing, the thing becomes our own and
the previous owner of that thing forfeits his entire claim
over it for the price he has already received, is it not?”
I said: “Yes.”
Then he said: “If the sins of man have been paid for,
god has no right to punish any sinner! Every sinner who
merely believes in Jesus would be free do anything in the
world which his brutal passion dictates him to do, for
God his Lord has no right whatsoever even to question
any sinner, for Jesus has met the cost of all his sins. Can
this ever be sensible logic or common sense? Can this
doctrine help life on earth to continue for one moment in
peace and security?”
He continued: “Please remember, Islam wants every
individual to be kept bound by his being answerable
with his own individual life as well as the interest of the
collective life in this world, himself as a member of not
only the human race but also of the creation of the Lord
as a whole. Islam continuously invites and encourages
man towards righteousness with the promise of the blissful
life in the Hereafter and repeatedly warns him against
vice and the consequent chastisement from the All Just
Lord. The Holy Quran repeatedly warns saying:
And be on your guard against a Day when one
soul shall not avail another in the least, neither
shall intercession on its behalf be accepted nor
shall they be helped.  (2:123)
Whoever goes aright, for his soul does he go
aright and whoever goes astray to its detriment
only does he go astray, nor can the bearer of a burden
bear the burden of another nor do we punish
until We have sent a Messenger (to give warning).
O humankind! Surely, we have created you of a
male and female and made you into nations and
tribes that you may know each other; surely the
most honorable of you with Allah is the one among
you most careful of his duty. Surely Allah is Allknowing,
All‐aware. (49:13)
While threatening man with grievous punishment in
recompense for his evil, the Holy Quran discloses also
the infinite mercy of the All‐Merciful Lord who does not
want man, however much a sinner the individual be to
be totally defect or hopeless of the merciful pardon from
Him. The only condition for the pardon he needs being
the sinner’s repentance against his vices, with his intenwww.
tion of amending his conduct in the future, and the turning
whole‐heartedly to obedience and gratitude to the
All‐Merciful Lord for His infinite grace.”
“For goodness sake, tell me Mr. Thomas, which do you
think is reasonable and sensible, either making man intoxicated
and careless against sinning (i.e. making him
unreasonably confident of the price of his sins as having
already been paid by someone) or alerting man with his
commitment to virtue against vice, (i.e. keeping him
warned of the natural consequences of getting punishment
by the All‐Just Lord, against any misconduct or
I felt that I had the day understood the hollowness of
the doctrine of atonement upon which is built the whole
edifice of the Christian faith. The divine mercy of the
Lord dawned upon my heart, a new light of Divine guidance.
I thanked god for liberating me from the clutches of
the grossly misleading dogmatic doctrine and leading me
to Islam which I have myself found through an impartial
enquiry that it is the right and the Straight Road to salvation
which the All‐Merciful Lord Himself has shown man
through this Last Apostle Muhammad, may peace be
upon him and his divinely chosen descendants.
When I disclosed my acceptance of the true argument
advanced by the lecturer and thanked him, he told me:
“Thomas! You must thank God for blessing you with
the fulfillment of his merciful promise to every sincere
seeker of Truth!”
The All‐Merciful Lord by His infinite mercy has fulfilled
His merciful promise to give mankind the everlasting
guidance through the Holy Prophet Muhammad
who would abide in his guidance for all times.
After coming across so many strong and unbreakable
arguments against the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and
also about many other fundamentals of Christian belief, I
only wondered how such an unreasonable faith could
attract such a huge number of people in the world.
Once I found my father returning home very happy
and immediately as he arrived he called me and said:
“You will be glad to know my dear son that today I got
109 souls into our fold! At baptism of such a big number,
the rev father, the chief of our mission praised my services
very much and has increased my salary as well as
my traveling allowance and has awarded me with a token
reward corresponding to the number baptized
through my efforts!”
I asked: “Who are they, father, who were baptized?”
He said: “They are from five surrounding villages.
There are men, women, and children.”
I asked: “Are they all educated?”
He said: “No, they are poor people of the slums; they
are only laborers in the paddy fields of their villages.”
I asked if they had understood fully their undertaking
as converts to the Christian faith. Would every one of
them stand any cross examination against their decision
to leave the folds they were in and their joining the Christian
He replied: “What do you mean? I told you they are all
uneducated, poor illiterates; laborers, from the slums!
The group consists of men, women, and children. Now I
will have to go there every day and coach them up in the
doctrine of our faith.”
On hearing this I smiled, and seeing me smiling my father
asked: “Why do you smile, Thomas? What is the
matter?” I said: “Nothing father, I do not see in this mass
conversion any matter of pride or pleasure which any
true religion or any genuine or reasonable faith can claim
for itself, for it is nothing but exploiting the illiteracy and
ignorance of the poor laborers. It is leading the mentally
blind ones into something which they neither know nor

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